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Variation Characteristics Of Heat Fluxes In Different Soil Types
Aug 06, 2017

              The diurnal and seasonal variations of surface heat fluxes in different soil types, as well as the relationship between heat fluxes and total radiation and net radiation of different soil types, were analyzed by using data of the measured soil heat fluxes and radiation in the 2004-2007 Chinese Ecological System Research Network (CERN) ecological Station of CAs.Flux

               The results show that the higher the heat conductivity, the faster the thermal transmission, the smaller the heat capacity, the faster the heat transfer, the poorer the soil heat flux and the worse the year, so the surface heat fluxes of the yellow cotton soil and the purple soil are the most bad day (220~280 W). m-2), Alpine meadow soil and paddy soil minimum (55W. m-2); The annual variation range of heat fluxes in the soil surface during seasonal variation is between 12~28w. M-2, the largest of gray desert soil, 28W. M-2, The heat flux year is worse from big to small, in order of ash desert soil, yellow cotton soil, saline-alkali tide soil, red soil, purple soil, swamp soil, paddy soil and high cold wave soil, and the minimum of high cold waves is 12W. M-2.Flux

               The heat fluxes of different soil types were positively correlated with total radiation and net radiation, but the proportion of soil heat fluxes in different soil types at 12:00 (local time) accounted for the net radiation. The Alpine meadow soil is the smallest, about 8%, the largest, 38%, and most of the soil's heat fluxes accounted for the net radiation ratio between $number, which shows that there is a great difference in the transmission of surface heat fluxes between different soil types.Flux

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