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Solder Paste With You To Understand Welding Technology
Jun 13, 2017

    First, the development of new industries continue to promote the advancement of welding technology.

Welding technology since the invention has been more than 100 years of history, it can almost meet the current industry in all the important products manufacturing needs. But the development of new industries still forced the welding technology to move forward. The development of microelectronics industry to promote the development of micro-connection technology and equipment; and the development of ceramic materials and composite materials to promote the vacuum brazing, vacuum diffusion welding. The development of aerospace technology will also promote the development of space welding technology.

Second, the research and development of heat is to promote the development of welding technology, the fundamental driving force.

   The welding process uses almost all the heat sources available in the world, including flame, arc, resistance, ultrasonic, friction, plasma, electron beam, laser beam, microwave, etc. (Our main arc welding, resistance welding automatic welding equipment Master), the history of the emergence of each heat source, are accompanied by the emergence of new welding process. However, the development and research of welding heat sources has not been terminated so far.

   Third, to improve the mechanization of the preparation of the workshop, the level of automation is the world's advanced industrial countries focus on the development direction.Brazing Paste

   In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of welded structures, only from the welding process to start a certain degree of limitations, so the world special attention to the technical transformation of the workshop. Preparation of the main process of the workshop, including material transport, material surface to the oil, sandblasting, coating protective paint; steel crossed, cut, open groove; parts assembly and point solid. The above processes have been mechanized and automated in modern factories. Its advantage is not only to improve the product's productivity, more importantly, to improve the quality of the product.Brazing Paste

    Stainless steel wire used for automotive, petroleum, chemical, power station, shipbuilding, medical equipment, refineries and other welding types TYPE submerged arc welding wire, argon arc welding wire, gas protection silver electrode, high quality and wire quality, corrosion resistance , Heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties.Brazing Paste

    Copper-aluminum welding wire submerged arc welding with copper and silver electrode can be equipped with the corresponding flux to obtain a comprehensive mechanical properties of good weld metal. With high welding efficiency. Welding quality is stable and reliable, low labor intensity and a series of advantages. The use of low - carbon steel and low - alloy steel structures for welding, such as boilers, chemical containers, nuclear power plant containers, bridges, ships and so on.

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