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Silver Filler Metals
Jul 21, 2017

                 The silver-plated precious metal coating was prepared by chemical method on the matrix material. Electronic industry, instrumentation manufacturing and radio products are widely used in silver plating to reduce metal surface contact resistance, improve metal welding capacity; household utensils, tableware and various crafts through the silver plated to achieve decorative purposes; searchlights and other metal reflectors in the reflector also need to be silvered. Silver atoms tend to diffuse and slip along the surface of the material, causing the "silver whisker" to short-circuit in the humid atmosphere. Therefore, silver plating is not suitable for PCB plating. Silver-plated pieces encountered in the atmosphere of sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, halide, the silvery layer of the surface quickly generated silver chloride, silver sulfide, silver sulfate, etc., so that its luster disappeared, and gradually become pale yellow a blue purple a black brown. The solderability and conductivity of the coating are worse. Anti-silver layer discoloration methods are: Chemical passivation, electrolytic passivation, coating organic protective film, electroplating other precious metals and so on.Silver Filler Metals

                 Widely used electrolytic Silver plating solution is basically more than 100 years ago, the use of cyanide containing excess free cyanide silver electroplating solution. A wide range of cyanide-free solutions have been reported, such as nitrates, iodide, thiourea, thiocyanate, Amino sulfonate, thiosulfate, sulfonate, and so on, but no one has been recognized by industry. The cyanide Silver plating solution consists of potassium cyanide and free potassium cyanide. To obtain a bright coating, the appropriate brightener can be added. The plating bath has the ability of plating and deep plating, the plating is fine, the appearance is silvery white, the current efficiency is nearly 100%. When steel, copper and its 8,831 Jyin oath J Silver Gold pieces into the bath, the surface of the plating will form a replacement silver layer, it not only affects the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, iron and copper ions will also pollute the plating bath, so the plating into the silver bath before the special treatment must be carried out. The common method is amalgam, dip silver, pre-silver plating.Silver Filler Metals

                Silver alloy electroplating alloy elements are antimony, cadmium, zinc, lead, tin, copper, nickel, cobalt, palladium, platinum, gold and so on. Silver alloy coating has better properties than pure silver coating, such as high hardness, abrasion resistance, anti vulcanization and seawater corrosion resistance. electroplating Silver composite coating particles have MoS2, graphite powder, $literal, Beo, $literal, etc., the granularity of 0.1~0.3μm. According to the use requirements to determine the selection of particles, such as the addition of graphite particles can improve the coating's self-lubricating capacity, the addition of $literal can improve the wear resistance and resistance to electrical corrosion.Silver Filler Metals

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