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Membrane Flux
Jul 16, 2017

            Membrane flux also known as membrane water permeability, refers to the normal operating conditions, through the unit membrane area of water production, the unit is/(M2. h) or/(M2·D). The recovery rate of membrane separation method is the conversion ratio after the water supply is separated by membrane, that is, the percentage of water supply through water.Flux

            Membrane flux and recovery and the thickness of the film, porosity and other physical properties, but also with the working environment of the film such as water temperature, the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane (or potential difference), the concentration of raw water. When the physical properties of the membrane are invariable, the membrane flux and recovery rate are only related to the working environment of the membrane. In a certain range, increasing the water temperature and increasing the pressure difference can increase the membrane flux and recovery rate, and the increase of water concentration will reduce the membrane flux and recovery.Flux

            With the prolonged use of time, the pores of the membrane will gradually be blocked by debris, under the same pressure and the same water quality conditions of membrane flux and recovery will be reduced. At this time, the membrane needs to be cleaned to restore its original membrane flux and recovery rate, if even after cleaning, membrane flux and recovery rate still and the ideal value of a large gap, we must replace the membrane.

            The film (m) theory of 11-D space is proposed. The membrane theory holds that people directly observing the seemingly boundless universe is a four-dimensional hyper-surface in 10-D space-time, like a thin layer of film. The membrane theory makes it hard to compute something that could have been difficult to compute using string theory. Membrane theory is the extension of string theory, which reveals the 10th dimensional direction of the string theory, and its maximum dimension is 11 dimensions.Flux

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