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Hard Brazing Alloy
Jul 21, 2017

               Tool steels usually include carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels, and high speed steels, while carbide is sintered from carbides such as WC, tic, and bonded metals (such as CO). The Brazing Technology of tool steel and cemented carbide is mainly used in the manufacture of tools, moulds, gauges and tool.

               The main problem of tool steel welding is that its microstructure and properties are susceptible to brazing process. If brazing process is improper, it is very easy to produce high-temperature annealing, oxidation and decarbonization problems. For example, the quenching temperature of high speed steel $literal is 1260-1280 ℃, in order to avoid the above problems, to ensure the maximum hardness and wear resistance during cutting, the brazing temperature must be adapted to the quenching temperature.Brazing Alloy

               The Brazing property of cemented carbide is poor. This is because of the high carbon content of cemented carbide, clean surface often contains more free carbon, thus impeding the wetting of the solder. In addition, cemented carbide can oxidize and form oxide film at brazing temperature, which will also affect the wetting of brazing material. Therefore, the surface cleaning before brazing is very important to improve the wettability of the cemented carbide, and can also be used for surface copper plating or nickel plating if necessary.Brazing Alloy

               Another problem in cemented carbide brazing is that the joints are prone to crack. This is because its linear expansion coefficient is only half of the low carbon steel, when cemented carbide and this type of steel matrix brazing, will be in the joint in a large thermal stress, resulting in joint cracking. Therefore, when cemented carbide and different materials brazing, should try to take crack prevention measures.Brazing Alloy

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