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Development Of Stainless Steel-aluminum High Frequency Induction Brazing Paste Solder
Aug 06, 2017

             In order to solve the shortcoming of the powder filler and brazing agent for stainless steel-aluminum high-frequency induction brazing, a paste filler has been developed. The paste filler will be developed with the original powder-like brazing material, the brazing agent performs the performance contrast test, and makes the quantitative evaluation, its wettability, the flow, the filling clearance ability, the dissolution, the Brazing Head mechanical property, the brazing heat preservation time and the brazing microstructure all reach the original solder level.Brazing Paste

             A comparative test of the operating performance of the original solder and brazing filler was made with the developed paste filler. No sputtering occurs during brazing, while the sputtering phenomenon occurs frequently in the process of high-frequency induction brazing using the original powder brazing material and brazing agent. The contrast test of the physical and chemical properties of the filler time of the solder and the brazing filler was made with the developed paste filler. In the specified time in the use of the performance, the development of paste filler has reached the original level.Brazing Paste

             The developed paste filler in the wettability, the parameters such as flow resistance, filling clearance ability, dissolution and mechanical properties of brazed joints reach the level of powder brazing material, and have good operating process performance, and do not produce any sputtering problems under the rapid heating of high-frequency induction heating. Long-term storage is not dry solid, no failure. The paste filler developed in this paper not only has good operability and ease of use, but also has very good safety. It can be said that paste filler with its huge scientific and advanced nature to fill the gap in this field, and has a good social and economic benefits.Brazing Paste

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