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Detailed Explanation Of The Properties Of Brazing Alloy
Jul 08, 2017

    Brazing is a crucial link in the industrial development nowadays, and it is the decisive production node in many industries. As the Brazing technology uses the enterprise, should have certain understanding to it. Advanced Industrial application experience at the same time, is also committed to technology brazing technology research, and make the best efforts to make our laboratory results of industrialization, to the market, to provide customers with better quality products and services. We have been working with many research institutions to improve ourselves and to provide more application validation experience in the field of research.Brazing Alloy
    In simple terms, brazing is the melting of third-party metal materials (solder) to connect additional metal materials (Masterbatch). The melted solder can form an alloy on the contact surface with the welded metal material and solidify the bonding. The most important feature of brazing is that there is no shape change in the material to be welded, and no holes are sealed at the link. The key point of brazing technology is that the melting point of a third-party metal (solder) must be lower than the base material, and the third-party metal must be able to flow smoothly and fully fill the weld seam after melting. This may seem simple, but it is difficult to achieve. Two major difficulties are particularly important.Brazing Alloy
    Difficulty one, the surface of metal materials will form oxide film, especially in the High-temperature aerobic environment will form a very thick oxide layer, this layer of oxide layer of melting point reached thousands of degrees, far higher than the melting point of metal. It wraps the melted metal, making it impossible for the metal to flow. And the surface of the mother wood oxide film is often difficult to remove, resulting in alloy can not be formed, welding is not successful. Difficulty two, even if the metal has been separated from the oxide film package, will not flow on the base material, even if the substrate on the oxide film does not exist the situation will not improve. The melted metal material exists on the surface of the parent material but does not spread along the surface, but forms a spherical stable at a point. This is mainly because the concentration of metal is often not the wettability of each other, or even if there is a certain degree of wettability is not enough to fill the weld, in one surface tension under the action of a ball.Brazing Alloy

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