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Detailed Explanation Of The Different Flux
Jul 08, 2017

     Movement Flux: According to Newton's second law, in the absence of external force on the object, the speed of the object will not change, the momentum of the object will not change, it is momentum conservation. The force acting on the fluid is the inertial forces, including external forces, pressure and adhesion. The physical relation equation between fluid momentum and external force, pressure and adhesion is called motion equation, and is the mathematical basis of fluid momentum change. Under the atmospheric boundary layer, the air movement under the action of adhesion, between the surface and atmosphere will form a velocity gradient, resulting in shear stress. The process of transferring momentum by this shear stress is called momentum transmission. The momentum transmitted by unit time through the Unit section is called the momentum flux.Flux
     Sensible heat flux: the energy transmitted by heat conduction and convection (turbulence) is called heat transfer under the condition of phase change of the object and the medium. When two different temperature objects are in contact, the heat is transmitted from one side of the temperature with a lower temperature, and the heat flux transmitted is called the heat flux. The apparent heat flux is proportional to the temperature difference, which is called the apparent heat transfer coefficient or the apparent heat exchange coefficient. Heat energy, which is absorbed or released by the phase change of matter, is called latent heat. Water vapor transport represents the potential of transport. The latent heat flux of the unit time through a certain area is called the latent heat flux. The latent heat flux is proportional to the concentration difference of water vapor on both sides of the section, which is called the latent heat transfer coefficient.Flux
     Material Flux: Diffusion is one of the main mechanisms of physical transport such as material, heat and momentum. The diffusion of stationary fluids is mainly the diffusion of molecules driven by the concentration gradient, while in the fluid with intense motion, the turbulence is mainly diffused. In most cases, the diffusion phenomenon in the atmosphere is dominated by turbulent diffusion. In the diffusion process, the amount of diffusion in a plane perpendicular to the diffusion direction is called the flux of matter.Flux

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