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Brazing Paste You Know The Characteristics Of The Heating Equipment
Jul 08, 2017

     High frequency induction heating equipment its working principle is to put metal workpiece into the heating equipment induction coil, the use of magnetic field effects on metal objects generate thermal induction, so that the internal structure of metal objects to change, to meet their physical and chemical performance requirements, so as to metal physical use of heat treatment to achieve some process requirements. Induction heat treatment mainly has the following basic points: first: Heat treatment, metal heat treatment of the first problem is heating, different metal materials of its heating temperature, heating process is not the same, if the critical point A1, if the heating temperature for the following metal is not changed, the critical point above the metal is austenite. Second: Thermal insulation treatment, heat treatment is the second link, its purpose is to ensure that the workpiece can be thoroughly burned, but also to avoid the oxidation of the workpiece, but the length of the insulation time with the workpiece material, size and size related to the workpiece small, and is a good thermal conductivity of the material that insulation time is relatively short. Third: Workpiece cooling treatment, workpiece after heating, thermal insulation treatment, the last step is cooling, which is also the most important link, the different cooling mode directly changes the structure and performance of the workpiece, so the cooling should be particularly important to see what performance you want to achieve the right choice of cooling methods.Brazing Paste
    High frequency induction heating equipment for metal objects heat treatment, according to its workpiece material, size, cooling methods, performance and other differences can be divided into ordinary heat treatment such as: normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering, and the other is surface heat treatment, such as: surface quenching, carbonation, carbon and nitrogen infiltration, and so on, the current induction heating equipment has been widely used in metal industry and its performance is relatively stable. High-frequency induction heating equipment may be the fastest heating materials today, the highest efficiency, the lowest energy consumption and the most safe and environmental protection of a new type of equipment bar. High-frequency Induction heating equipment also known as "high-frequency electromagnetic induction heating equipment, high-frequency induction heating power supply, high-frequency induction heating equipment", this "darling" heating equipment has covered the metal heating industry and even other heat treatment industry.Brazing Paste
    The heating principle of the new heating device is to generate a magnetic field through the induction coil, and a strong magnetic beam is produced in the wire circle, metal material by strong magnetic beam through will produce a very large eddy magnetic field, and the direction of the eddy current magnetic field and metal materials in the direction of the contrary, because of the resistance in metallic materials, the electrical energy into heat, so that the metal is rapidly heated to achieve the metal heat treatment purposes. This will not react to the human body and even other non-metallic objects, thus guaranteeing our personal safety.Brazing Paste

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