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Brazing Paste Sex
Jul 21, 2017

             The brazing properties of carbon steel and low-alloy steels depend largely on the type of oxides formed on the surface of the material. As the temperature increases, four types of oxides of Y-fe2o3, A-fe2o3, $literal and Feo are formed on the surface of the carbon steel. These oxides, in addition to $literal, are porous and unstable, they are easily removed by the solder, but also easily reduced by reducing gases, so carbon steel has a good brazing.Brazing Paste

              For Low-alloy steels, if the alloying elements are fairly low, the oxides present on the surface of the material are basically iron oxides, and the Low-alloy steels have the same brazing properties as carbon steel. If the alloying elements are increased, especially the increasing of the elements such as A1 and CR to form stable oxides, the brazing property of low alloy steel will be worse, then the active brazing agent or the lower dew-point protective gas should be used to brazing.Brazing Paste

             Brazing of brazing carbon steel and low alloy steel includes soft brazing and brazing. The most widely used solder in soft brazing is tin-lead brazing material, which improves the wettability of steel with the increase of tin content, so it is advisable to adopt solder material with high tin content in the sealing joint. Tin and steel in tin-lead solder may form fe-sn intermetallic compound layer on the interface, in order to avoid the formation of the compound, brazing temperature and holding time should be controlled properly. The shear strength of the carbon steel joints of several typical tin-lead brazing solders is shown in table 1, wherein the joint strength of brazed solder with W (SN) 50% is the highest, and the joint strength of antimony-free solder is higher than that of antimony containing.Brazing Paste

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