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Brazing Paste A Brief Introduction
May 26, 2017

A brazing paste (3), wherein the solder paste is formed by making a resin component (3a) having an oxide-removable property containing a solder particle (4 A, 4B, and 4C), the solder particles are formed by covering a layer of silver film (7 A, 7B and 7C) on a core particle (6 A, 6B and 6C) made of tin or tin alloy, and the core particles are distributed according to the particle distribution, In the particle distribution, the average particle size between 3 μm to 7 μm and 75% or more particles in 1 μm to 9 μm range, the covering film is formed to make the amount of the silver film covered on the core particle a 1 weight ratio of the total amount of the solder particles. A Solder paste (3), the Solder paste is Formed by Reacting a resin component have a Removable Oxides of (3a) Containg Solder level (4 A, 4 B and 4C), the Solder level is by Covering the Silver Coating Layer (7 A, 7B and 7C) in the core level (6 A, 6B and 6C) by tin or tin alloy are Formed on the core Particle in Accordance with the Distribution for the Particle in the Particle Distribution The average Particle size 3 μm to 7 μm, and $number or more between the level within the range of 1 μm to 9 μm, the total amount of the Coating film are Shaped such, an amount. Solder level on the core level covered with silver Membrane $number by weight. Therefore, Brazing Paste can prevent the formation of oxides on the surface of the filler particles and improve the wettability of brazing solder. Therefore, it is possible to Prevent the Formation of Oxides on the Solder Particle surface and Improve Brazing Solder Wettability. In addition, Brazing Paste is possible to use simple and inexpensive methods to ensure the printability of the fine electrodes and to ensure excellent adhesion properties relative to the fine spacing of the parts. Also, Brazing Paste to use simple and Inexpensive way to Ensure, the fine Electrode Printability and guarantee with Respect to the fine pitch of the parts excellent properties.

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