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Brazing Alloy
Jul 16, 2017

             Brazing Aluminum base brazing and aluminum alloy brazed plates When brazing, the brazing material is not melted, the filler is melted and filled, and the workpiece is connected. Aluminum alloy filler can be coated on aluminum alloy core materials made of aluminum brazing plate, widely used in the manufacture of heat exchangers.Brazing Alloy

             Al-Base brazing alloy has low melting point, good fluidity and suitable for brazing. The typical aluminum base solder is 4343, 4045 (American grade) and 4004 alloy. Its main chemical composition and characteristics are shown in table 1. 6951 (American grade) alloys in industrial pure aluminum, aluminum-manganese alloy and Al-Mg-si alloys have good brazing properties, which can be brazed with the aluminum base brazing. The 6061, 6053 (American grades) and 6063 alloys in the Al-Mg-si system also have better brazing properties, but since their starting melting temperature is lower than that of industrial pure aluminum and aluminum-manganese alloys, the brazing temperature should be strictly controlled to prevent excessive burning. 4004 solder containing magnesium, suitable for use in the vacuum brazing process, during brazing, magnesium vapor and furnace residual oxygen and water reaction, purification, magnesium vapor also suppresses the brazing of aluminum alloy of oxidation.Brazing Alloy

             Aluminum Alloy brazing plate is usually used as a part of brazing assembly, and the other part is a weldable aluminum alloy material without cladding. Brazing, the whole component in the furnace or salt bath evenly heated to the high temperature, brazing plate solder melting, by capillary action and gravity flow, filling the joints to connect parts, can be hundreds of or more contacts at the same time welding. They are widely used to manufacture various heat exchangers.Brazing Alloy

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