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Application Of Brazing Alloy
Jun 13, 2017

    Brazing is the use of metal materials than the base metal melting point of the filler metal, the weldment and brazing filler metal heated to higher than the melting point of solder, lower than the base metal melting temperature, the use of liquid solder wetting base material, filling the joint gap and The method of connecting the welding parts with the mutual diffusion of the base material.

    Brazing deformation is small, the joints are smooth and beautiful, suitable for welding precision, complex and composed of different materials, such as honeycomb structure board, turbine blades, carbide cutting tools and printed circuit boards. Before the brazing the workpiece must be carefully processed and strictly cleaned to remove the oil and too thick oxide film to ensure that the interface assembly gap. The gap is generally between 0.01 and 0.1 mm.Brazing Alloy

    Compared with the welding, brazing when the base material does not melt, only the solder melt; compared with the pressure welding, brazing does not apply pressure on the weld. The weld formed by brazing is called brazing seam. The brazing filler metal used for brazing is called brazing filler metal.Brazing Alloy

    Brazing process: the surface cleaning of the workpiece to overlap with the type of assembly together, the solder on the gap near the joint or between the gap between the joints. When the workpiece and the brazing filler metal is heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted), and by means of capillary action is sucked and filled with solid workpiece gap between the liquid solder and the workpiece metal diffusion and dissolution, After condensation, the formation of brazed joints.Brazing Alloy

    Brazing is not suitable for general steel structure and heavy load, dynamic load parts welding. Mainly used in the manufacture of precision instruments, electrical components, dissimilar metal components and complex sheet structure, such as sandwich components, honeycomb structure, also used in brazing all kinds of different lines and carbide cutting tools.

   Brazing, the brazed workpiece contact surface after cleaning, in the form of lap assembly, the solder near the joint gap or directly into the joint gap. When the workpiece is heated with the brazing filler metal to a temperature slightly higher than the melting temperature of the brazing filler metal, the solder will melt and wet the surface of the weldment. The liquid brazing filler metal will spread along the seams by means of capillary action. So that the brazing metal and solder between the mutual dissolution, mutual penetration, the formation of alloy layer, after condensation to form a brazed joint.

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